Unlock your business on WhatsApp: Smooth & Simple

What Makes Us Unique?

Turn WhatsApp into a business opportunity by leveraging WhatShop.
Make your local store available for every WhatsApp user with WhatShop .
Targeted customers can easily navigate and shop in just 30 seconds.
Communication with customers becomes a smooth process via instant WhatsApp chat.

What is WhatShop ?

Digital Pathway for Your Business

Maintain A Catalogue

You can make 300 products catalogue on your WhatShop account and showcase it to your targeted audience.

Quick Access

Integration of WhatsShop with your WhatsApp business account allows potential customers to place an order in 3 simple steps

Direct Contact

Send a ‘Hi’ via WhatsApp number and get connected with the retailers to place orders and to track the order process that even creates a buyer-seller trust.

Easy Integration

Integrating WhatShop with WhatsApp is an easy procedure to begin your business journey right through the mobile.

30K+ Users

With an already proliferating clientele, we're growing stronger daily. Initiate your free trial version today!

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An All-inclusive Experience on WhatShop

WhatShop is your digital resource to reach and manage target customers not available on any online channel! Make your WhatsApp work for you via WhatShop.

Supports Local Businesses

Plug your local store with WhatShop to show the whole catalogue to your customers. Your Sales will be increased and whole new marketing channel is opened as WhatsApp broadcast

Safe & Convenient

It is a safe means to order your daily essentials from the comfort of your home while maintaining social distancing.

Time-saving System

No more spending time on long phone calls to take orders and making other prospects wait. WhatShop is a prompt window for customers to place their orders whenever and wherever.

State-of-the-art WhatsApp shopping

Orders to WhatsApp chat in one touch, intuitive product display and QR code scanning

WhatShop Interface

Sleek & Smooth User Interface

Pricing plans

Extensive functionality, affordable pricing

Basic Plan
  • Upto 30 Products Listing
  • Admin Panel
  • Order History Reports
  • 24/7 Support
Standard Plan
  • Upto 100 Products
  • Zoom Products Image
  • Data Export Facility
  • Benefits from Basic Plan
  • 24/7 Support
Premium Plan
  • Upto 400 Products
  • Digital Marketing Support
  • Zoom Products Image
  • Benefits from Standard Plan
  • 24/7 Support
Basic Plan
  • 24/7 Support
  • Upto 30 Products Listing
  • Admin Panel
  • Order History Reports
Standard Plan
  • Upto 70 Products
  • Zoom Products Image
  • Data Export Facility
  • Benefits from Basic Plan
  • 24/7 Support
Premium Plan
  • Upto 300 Products
  • Digital Marketing Support
  • Zoom Products Image
  • Benefits from Standard Plan
  • 24/7 Support

Users Testimonial

What our users say about us

Our Features

  • Your live products are loaded in your customers’ mobile.
  • Product details like product images, product description, price etc. are also displayed.
  • Products can be displayed according to the category defined.
  • Your priority products can be displayed in more visible areas.
  • Products can be taken out from display with an on/off button.
  • Your product details like product images, product description and the price can be updated.
  • Your customers can zoom product images for more clarity.
  • One-touch product selection auto adding to cart.
  • Your customers can view their order summary like products they selected, quantity and total amount.
  • Your customers can modify order easily and quickly.
  • You can display/hide delivery options ( home delivery, take away) as per your business policy.
  • To capture your customer details, there is a customer data capturing form.
  • You can set for additional charges to be automatically added to the customer bill.
  • You can set your own rules and condition to reflect the additional charges in bill.
  • Your customers most exciting feature ‘Order on WhatsApp’ send orders in the cart to your WhatsApp number from customers WhatsApp.
  • Business owners have report module from which they will get customer reports order reports etc.
  • Your customers can view your products by scanning the QR code.
  • For hotels & restaurants order received in your WhatsApp can be printed for KOT purpose
  • You can customize WhatShop to align with your brand identity
  • You can integrate WhatShop with all your other IT assets.

Frequently asked quetions

No, there isn't any discount available on the subscription plans, but we do offer a bonus digital marketing campaign plan to augment your sales.

Currently, we do not have any yearly subscription packages. However, we do provide a quarterly subscription version .

You can't create a catalogue for more than 300 products presently in one WhatShop account. It is only possible if you get additional accounts and use them for different product categories. However, updates will soon be available. The good news is, the second account you buy from us will be on discounted rates in terms of digital marketing support.

Yes, the WhatsApp business account is mandatory to enjoy the best user experience on WhatShop and also for integration.

WhatShop doesn't require any installation because it's not an app, website, portal, or a kind. Just send a ' Hi' message to WhatsApp, and you're good to go.

Yes, our latest version of WhatShop comes with an invoice print feature.

No, it's not possible to receive orders on multiple WhatsApp numbers.

Yes, you can leverage other branches, but your orders will be received only in one WhatsApp number. Additionally, all your products will display under one Shop category.

Users have to add a small description of a maximum of 12 words and WhatShop URL in away message settings. Make the link appealing by adding a short description to it.

No, updating your product inventory is a smooth process on WhatShop that can take as less as 2 minutes. You can even add products through your mobile.

For example, if you have a cake store, the apt description would be "To order our range of cakes on WhatsApp, tap the URL below." WhatShop.live/ ABC Cakeshop.

The product quantity update will be released on the upcoming WhatShop version, but you can update product availability status for sure.

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